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Jay 4 years ago
Wut a joke poor white dude dont have wut it takes to get her off so he has to go get a brother who cant seem to even stay it and wuts up with all this ass slapping it dose nothing for anyone and poor girl being called name's and shit you both are fake and suck in bed
lela wurwimia 1 year ago
that was like the worst high five in the history of high fives
Lol 6 years ago
What a joke.
Idc they some fine ass dudes 1 year ago
Idc they some fine ass dudes
pota 6 years ago
True love 2 years ago
Bad lover for his girlfriend.
... 9 months ago
i am truly disgusted, this boy gets another guy to fuck his gf then calls her a whore for being tied up and set up? She can't move if she tried, you're a piece of shit.
Niggaballs 1 year ago
Don’t click links on tikxtok
Deenuts 1 year ago
I want next
I come a lottt this time..;;)) 1 year ago
I couldn’t stop comming